SIST’s production of Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure was presented at Fort Tompkins, Fort Wadsworth on September 15, 16, 22, and 23.

Directed by Frank Williams

Assistant Director: Cara S. Liander
Stage Manager: Amy Puleo
Sound Engineering: Alan Lubiner
Original Music Composition: Carl Gallagher
Stage Combat Choreographer: Vincent Lane
Set Design and Construction: Rob Yuzuk
Construction Assistant: Chris King
Production Design and Graphic Art: Christopher Sorrentino
Production Assistants:Gwendolyn Williams
Producer: Mitch Maglio


Michael Baugh
Memet Canka
Katlyn Cohen
Jack Dabdoub
Nikki Dos Santos
Dan Duffy
Frank Duffy
Lauren Gunn
Chris King
Armand Lane
Vincent Lane
Mitch Maglio
Lorena Marin Ortiz
Kerry Robinson
Leandra Romano
Regina Romero
Eric Rosen
Stephen Scott
Rina Sklar
Charles Sullivan
Rob Yuzuk