Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Audition Announcement

The History of KING LEAR
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Cara S. Liander
Asst. Directed by Frank Williams

Auditions will be held in the Fort Wadsworth Visitors Center:
Friday, June 2 from 5:00 to 8:00pm
Saturday, June 3 from 12:00 to 3:00pm

Callbacks will immediately follow on June 3 from 3:30 to 6:00pm.

Auditions Appointments for KING LEAR: Email Cara S. Liander at with perferable date and time for 10 minute audition slot. Will accommodate as best as possible.

If you’re interested but cannot attend these audition dates, please also contact Cara S. Liander at

Performance Dates at The Battery Weed, Fort Wadsworth: 
Saturday, September 16 ; Sunday, September 17; 
Saturday, September 23; Sunday, September 24

ALL ROLES ARE OPEN. There will be a stipend provided to actors.

Please prepare a short monologue from the play, or other Shakespeare’s works. Memorized is preferred, but rather have you on book than not there at all if interested

****King Lear – The aging king of Britain and the protagonist of the play. Lear is used to enjoying absolute power and to being flattered, and he does not respond well to being contradicted or challenged. 

****Cordelia – Lear’s youngest daughter, disowned by her father for refusing to flatter him. She remains loyal to Lear despite his cruelty toward her.

****Goneril – Lear’s ruthless oldest daughter and the wife of the duke of Albany. Goneril is jealous, treacherous, and amoral. She challenges Lear’s authority, boldly initiates an affair with Edmund, and wrests military power away from her husband.

****Regan – Lear’s middle daughter and the wife of the duke of Cornwall. Regan is as ruthless as Goneril. When they are not egging each other on to further acts of cruelty, they jealously compete for the same man, Edmund.

****Gloucester – A nobleman loyal to King Lear whose rank, earl, is below that of duke. His fate is in many ways parallel to that of Lear: he misjudges which of his children to trust. 

***Edgar/Poor Tom – Gloucester’s older, legitimate son. Edgar plays many different roles, starting out as a gullible fool, then assuming a disguise as a mad beggar, then carrying his impersonation further to aid Lear and Gloucester, and finally appearing as an armored champion to avenge his brother’s treason. 

****Edmund – Gloucester’s younger, illegitimate son. Edmund resents his status as a bastard and schemes to usurp Gloucester’s title and possessions from Edgar. 

****Kent – A nobleman of the same rank as Gloucester who is loyal to King Lear. Kent spends most of the play disguised as a peasant, calling himself “Caius,” so that he can continue to serve Lear even after Lear banishes him. 

****Albany – The husband of Lear’s daughter Goneril. Albany is good at heart, and he eventually denounces and opposes the cruelty of Goneril, Regan, and Cornwall. 

****Cornwall – The husband of Lear’s daughter Regan. Unlike Albany, Cornwall is domineering, cruel, and violent, and he works with his wife and sister-in-law Goneril to persecute Lear and Gloucester.

****Fool – Lear’s jester, who uses double-talk and seemingly frivolous songs to give Lear important advice.

****Oswald – The steward, or chief servant, in Goneril’s house. Oswald obeys his mistress’s commands and helps her in her conspiracies.

****King of France – Marries Cordelia. France is honorable and willing to support Cordelia’s efforts to rescue her father despite her lack of dowry.

****Duke of Burgundy – Suitor for Cordelia. Burgundy rejects Cordelia when he discovers that she will bring him no dowry.

**Curan Gloucester’s servant & Old Man Tenant of Gloucester.