Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Company
Audition Announcement:
Introducing Summer Repertory 2019:
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Ariel Marcus
By Sophocles
Directed by Ariana Nicoletta
In true repertory fashion, SIST is seeking 17 actors to perform in both shows.
Auditions will be held in the Visitors Center at Fort Wadsworth, 255 New York Avenue, Staten Island NY 10305
Friday, March 22 from 6:00 to 10:00pm
Saturday, March 23 from 12:00 to 3:00pm
Some callbacks will follow during and at the close on Friday, March 22, with a final callback from 3:30 to 6:00pm on Saturday, March 23.
Audition appointments are not required, but encouraged. Email Danielle Bianco-Bacigalupo at with preferable date and time for an audition slot. Will accommodate as best as possible.
If you are interested but cannot attend these audition dates, please also contact Danielle Bianco-Bacigalupo.
Alternating performances of each show, a total of twelve, will take place at William H. Pouch Scout Camp-O-Ree Field on the following dates:
Friday, June 14, 8:00pm; Saturday, June 15, 2:00pm and 8:00pm, Sunday, June 16, 2:00pm.
Friday, June 21, 8:00pm; Saturday, June 22, 2:00pm and 8:00pm, Sunday, June 23, 2:00pm.
Friday, June 28, 8:00pm; Saturday, June 29, 2:00pm and 8:00pm, Sunday, June 30, 2:00pm.
ALL ROLES ARE OPEN. There will be a small stipend provided to actors.
Please prepare a monologue from the play, or other Shakespeare’s or Ancient Greek works. Memorized is preferred, but rather have you on book than not there if interested.
Gossip. Clock in. “Did you hear?” Judgements. Post its. “I thought she was.” Hearsay. Coffee break. “Can you believe that?” Whispers. Lunch room. “He said what?” Rumors. Lies. “Take note.” Here in the office, what is said around the watercooler can make or break you, but don’t clock out early or you’ll miss the truth.
Character Breakdown:
Benedick- Recently took a job in corporate, and now is coming back to the Messina Branch on a job, related event. Great fighter with a sword and words. Secretly in love with Beatrice
Beatrice- Has worked at the Messina branch most of her adult life, not exactly where she wants to be but is content. Modern role model. Secretly in love with Benedick
Hero: Cousin to Beatrice, and daughter of Leonato. Seems young and naive but could one day run the branch.
Claudio: Works in corporate with Benedick and has recently been taken under the wing by Don Pedro. He is however, young, naive and ready to fall in love with the first thing that moves.
Don Pedro: CEO of the company, well respected. (male/female)
Leonato: Boss at the Messina Branch, and loves it! His office his part of his extended family.
Anthony: Brother of Leonato. Retired but not retired. Happy help his brother when needed, it is never
Don John: Producer of “The Noting” (reality television show). Well manicured man. Unhealthy
obsession with revenge against his brother and antibacterial hand sanitizer.
Conrade: Camera person. Just doing their job. It pays the bills.
Borrachio: Camera person. Obsessed with moving up in the business by any means necessary.
Ursula: Confidant of Hero (male)
Maragret: Office slut, doesn’t care. Good friends with Hero.
Dogberry: Head of Security at Messina Branch, loves his job, but is not good at it at all.
Verges: Security guard at the Messina Branch
Balthasar/Fransis Friar/Sexton: Employed at Messina Branch. That person in the office who is a little off when you first look at them, but ends up being awesome. Plays music, heavy metal.
(sings/instrumental experience a plus)
Seacoal: A intern at Messina (male/female)
Oatcake: Another unrecognizable intern of Messina (male/female)
During this time of political unrest and violence, one important group of our society has stood out: the activism of the millennials. On Valentine’s Day 2018, a shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL, resulted in the death of 17
students. A few days later, a seventeen year old young woman named Emma Gonzalez stood with her peers, and called “B.S.” on the government. During the time of war and political unrest in Thebes, Antigone is the young millennial who only has the moral sense to do what is right. The focus is to show the strength of young people and how it tends to be pushed aside, mocked, or considered naïve, with an intention to show the strength behind the purity of being a young person.
Character Breakdown
ANTIGONE: (Female, 18-late 20s) A rebellious young woman who fights for the recognition of her brother Polyneices and goes against her family to protect her classmates
ISMENE: (Female, 18-lates 20s) Antigone’s younger sister who, in comparison to Antigone, is innocent and complicit. Eventually, the character evolves to continue the fight of her sister.
Kreon: (Male, 40s- 60s) Antigone’s uncle who takes control of Antigone’s community after the death of her father, Oedipus. He has little respect for Antigone and Ismene, as he considers them “little girls.” His disdain for the opinions of the youth is reflected in his relationship with his son, Haemon. The curse of Oedipus carries onto Kreon.
Eurydice: (Female, 40s-60s) Kreon’s wife and Haemon’s mother. In this adaptation, Eurydice takes on the role of a kind and understanding mother who tries to amend the strained relationship between father and son.
Haemon: (Male, 18-20s) Antigone’s young fiancé and Kreon’s son. Haemon is conflicted between his love for Antigone and his desire to constantly appease his father. Eventually, his
love for Antigone and his desire to be heard win over.
Emcee/Leader of the Chorus (Male/Female, Any Age): The narrator of the play who helps guide the audience through the story. A very entertaining and dynamic character that leads the
rest of the Chorus through telling this tragedy. This role is up for any interpretation, so creativity and collaboration between actor and director is welcome.
The remaining 11 cast members will play multiple smaller roles throughout the piece. They will
be as follows:
Tiresias: (Male/Female, 40s-70s) an elderly prophet who warns Kreon against Oedipus’ curse
Polyneices: (Male, 20s) Antigone’s older brother and brother of Eteocles. The “socially rejected” brother who takes drastic action when he is not recognized or acknowledged by his
family or friends.
Eteocles: (Male, 20s) Antigone’s older brother and brother of Polyneices. He is the social
opposite of Polyneices. He is the family’s golden boy and one of the more popular individuals
within his community.
Guard 1 (Male, 20s-40s): One half of a seemingly comedic duo that consistently find themselves in the position of telling Kreon bad news. They narrate the tragic end of the play.
Guard 2 (Female, 20s-40s): The other half of a seemingly comedic duo that consistently find themselves in the position of telling Kreon bad news. They narrate the tragic end of the play.
High School Students: A group of innocent students who are enjoying a school celebration
before the day takes a life-altering turn
Grieving Parents/Family Members: Individuals who mourn the sudden and horrific losses of a
loved one
Kreon’s Men: (Male, Ages Vary) Activists who stand and fight for the principles of Kreon
Antigone’s Women (Female, Ages Vary): A group of women who stand with Antigone and echo her principles
There are ample opportunities for the chorus. A little singing and movement will be required, but training is not. Come as authentically as you can. Be prepared to be creative.