King Lear

SIST’s production of Shakespeare’s King Lear was presented at Battery Weed, Fort Wadsworth on September 16, 17, 23, and 24.

Directed by Cara S. Liander

Asst. Directed by Frank Williams

Technical Director/Stage Manager: Keith Gregory Taylor

Assistant Stage Manger: Amy Puleo

Production Assistant: Chelsea Smith

Stage Combat Choreographer: Vincent Lane

Costume Design: Toni-Ann Fischetti and Frank Williams

Sound Engineering: Alan Labiner

Graphic & Production Design: Joseph Barral

Video Editing: Maria Rusolo

Drumming and Storm Effects: Carl Gallagher

The show featured: Geoffrey Besser, Gary Bradley, Memet Canka, Jack Dabdoub, Frank Duffy, Jake Geary, Armand Lane, Sophie Max, Mitch Maglio, Ritty Mahoney, Patrick Nolin, Patrick O’Connor, Melanie Randall, Kerry Robinson, Stephen Scott, Rina Sklar, Rachel Sternlicht, Robert Yuzuk