Women’s Playwright Collective: New Worlds Festival

Took place on April 28th and 29th, 2023, at the Carpenters Shop on Snug Harbor
30-45 minute original plays
Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Company, Holly Pepe (playwright), and Courtney Emerson (playwright)

Women’s Playwright Collective continued its mission to create and produce new works by female-identifying playwrights for the Staten Island community through our annual “Not Forgotten Play Festival (NFPF),” and now celebrating our sixth season, is excited to unveil our newest programming: WPC’s New Worlds Festival. 

Two playwrights from the current Collective are chosen by Jury or Audience pick and are tasked with expanding their NFPF play or creating a new piece (not exceeding 45 minutes). Playwrights are mentored throughout the process and, in the end, will have their pieces performed at the WPC’s New Worlds Festival. Not only is the New Worlds Festival the next step in expanding the Women’s Playwright Collective, but it also gives the playwrights a chance to hone their skills while working on a longer piece for their portfolio.

WPC is not looking to make the NFPF a contest but views it more as a way to get more people to see and enjoy the Collective’s work. By having the community intricately involved in the molding of WPC’s next season through Jury and Audience Pick, WPC hopes audience members will want to come back to support these expanding artists.