SIST Presents: The Winter’s Tale

Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Company Presents:

The Winter’s Tale

The Winter’s Tale is a cautionary play about the damage jealousy can wreak on families and friendships; however, it is also a play about how someone can be redeemed from their mistakes and ultimately has a central theme of hope. It includes murderous passions, man-eating bears, princes and princesses in disguise, death by drowning and by grief, oracles, betrayal, and unexpected joy. Yet the play, which draws much of its power from Greek myth, is grounded in the everyday.

Written with a 16-year time jump, this production will make the most of the contrast by setting the first part of the story in the straight-laced and uptight, pre-rock and roll early 1950s and then move to the laid-back, counter-cultural world of the late 1960s.

Performances will take place at Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island on the following dates:

Friday, September 15 – 7:00pm
Saturday, September 16 – 7:00pm
Saturday, September 23 – 7:00pm
Sunday, September 24 – 7:00pm