SIST Presents: The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

SIST will present on July 8, 9, 15, 16 at Snug Harbor’s RCSF Tuscan Garden on Staten Island, The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare Directed by Mitchell Maglio.

There is no denying that a current of humanity’s history of racism, antisemitism, and the persecution of “others” continues to flow today into dark, oppressive reservoirs of hatred. SIST’s production of The Merchant of Venice will be performed in Renaissance period, inside the beauty of the Tuscan Garden, and will retain the contrasting ugliness of antisemitic prejudice against the character of Shylock. 

As with all our productions of Shakespeare’s works, we seek to create and hold aloft a mirror to our contemporary audiences and hope it inspires them to consider the effects of antisemitism, racism, and persecution in today’s world.